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National Roads Authority

  Eastern Beer-Sheva bypass road 18 km     Road 333 10 km
  Western Beer-Sheva bypass road 25 km     Highway 90 - Ein Boqeq bypass 8 km
  Highway 4 widening, Ashdod – Holot 18 km   Highway 3, Latroun - 443 15 km
  Mitzpe Ramon - Zihor highway 40 km     Highway 3, Silver Jct. - Negba 6 km
  25 + 35 highway, Beer-Sheva – Yad Mordechai 20 km     Yad Mordechai Interchange  
  Highway 35, preliminary planning 10 km     Highway 7, Ashdod - Gedera 12 km
  Highway 25, Beer-Sheva - Aroer 15 km     Highway 4 + 57, Pardesiya – Haogen section. 9 km
  Highway 531 (traffic planning) 20 km     Highway 20 (traffic planning) 10 km
  Traffic Lights          

Israel Railways

לצפיה בפרוייקט Beer-Sheva University Station       BAHADIM City track (preliminary) 15 km
  Beer-Sheva Central track 5 km     Dimona - Zinn track (part of Eilat railroad) 52 km
  Kiryat-Gat Station       Beer-Sheva - Dimona track (preliminary) 52 km
  Na'an - Beer-Sheva track (preliminary planning) 70 km     Kessem - Ariel track (preliminary planning) 25 km
  Cargo terminal, Nevatim       Pleshet - Soreq track (preliminary planning) 20 km
  Road-Rail track intersections and level separations       Beer-Sheva - Arad track (preliminary planning) 38 km
  Nevatim Cargo Terminal       Ben-Gurion Airport Station (initial)  
  Beer Sheva Operative Compound       Lod Operative Compound  

Trans-Israel Highway

לצפיה בפרוייקט Section 19, inc. Soreq Interchange and Kiryat Gat Interchange 25 km        

Ministry of Construction & Housing

  Ramot neighborhood - Beer-Sheva 1700 h.u.     HaGeffen neighborhood, Ofakim 1500 h.u.
  Nahal Ashan neighborhood - Beer-Sheva 4000 h.u.     Shahmon neighborhood, quarter 11 - Eilat 900 h.u.
  Nahal Beqa Neighborhood, Beer Sheva 900 h.u.     Netaim neighborhood, Netivot 400 h.u.
  Beqa Emergency Site - Beer-Sheva 1000 h.u.     Western neighborhood - Netivot 800 h.u.
  Quarter 10 - Arad 1000 h.u.     Ben-Gurion neighborhood - Netivot 2000 h.u.
  Quarter 11 - Arad 1000 h.u.     Northern neighborhood - Dimona 1000 h.u.
  Quarter 12 - Arad 3000 h.u.        

Ministry of Defense

  No specification due to security restrictions  

Rural Construction Administration

  Southern Hebron Mt. Roads 20 km        
  Moshav Beit Ha-Geddi 200 h.u.        
  Moshav Beit Ha-Shikma 150 h.u.        
  Moshav Maon 60 h.u.        
  Moshav Birkiyya 100 h.u.        


  Dead Sea Tourism Development          
  Ein Boqeq Hotels Coastline Protection          
  Timna Park          
  Mazor Site, Dead Sea          

Landing strips and runways

  Take-off and landing airstrips in IAF bases          
  Transportation airstrip in Sinai          
  Arad airstrip          
  Katif airstrip          
  Mate Asher airstrip          
  Air Park Uvda          

Quality of the Environment

  Dudaim Waste Disposal Site          
  Evron Waste Disposal Site          
  Abu Dis Waste Disposal Site          

Industrial Zones

  Beit Hageddi – Western Negev Industrial Zone (N.A.M)       Beer-Sheva – Knowledge Abundant Industries  
  Yeruham Industrial Zone       Arad Industrial Zone  
  Dimona Industrial Zone - southern part       Tel-Sheva Industrial Zone  
  Dimona Industrial Zone - northern part       Kiryat-Gat Industrial Zone (S.L.I)  
  Avshalom Industrial Zone       Hi-Tech Park, Beer Sheva  
  Lehavim Industrial Zone       Shoqet Employment Area  
  Intel Plant, Kiryat-Gat       Ramat Hovav Power Station  
  Ashdod Power Station          

Gas Transmission Lines

  Keshet – Kiryat Shemona Gas Line          
  Soreq – Kiryat-Gat – Rahat – Ashkelon Gas Line          


  Neot Lon neighborhood (self construction)
Shikun ve Pituah Co.

      Hebron Road
Beer Sheva Municipality
  Ramot neighborhood, Beer-Sheva (self construction)
Mivney Taasaiya Comp.

      Eilat Road, Southern Entrance, Beer-Sheva
Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Neve Noy neighborhood, Beer-Sheva
Arim Company

      Heavy vehicles parking and railroad track cargo terminal
Mif'aley Tovala Comp.
  Ganim B' neighborhood, Eilat
Eilat Economic Society

      Gan Yavneh Settlement Extension
Israel Land Authority
  Hanesiim Road, Beer-Sheva
Beer-Sheva Economic Society

      Administration Sodom – Zefa Conveyer
cable belt
  Government Center, Jerusalem
Min. of Finance
      Tram, Red Line
  Road 431, Section B.
Netivey Ha-Yovel
      Country Club Station
Gal Delek
  Orim Fueling Station
Alon Delek
      Sede Boker Fueling Station
Alon Delek
  Dvira Fueling Station
Alon Delek
      Kfar Azza Fueling Station
Alon Delek
  Arava Junction Fueling Station
Gal Delek
      Tidhar Fueling Station
Alon Delek

Outline Programs

  Participation in Beer-Sheva Outline planning team.       Participation in employment areas in moshavim planning team

  Participation in Beer-Sheva Metropolis Outline
planning team.
      Participation in M.A.Z. 2030 Strategic Program team

  Participation in 42nd National Outline Planning Team
for Transportation.

Management Companies

  Beit Pelet (new settlement) 3000 h.u.     Ma'ale Edomim East 3000 h.u.
  Beer-Hayl (new settlement) 2500 h.u.     Eshel Industrial Zone 3000 dunams
  Hawashla (new settlement) 2500 h.u.     "Martach" Beer-Sheva 25000 h.u.
  Southern Rahat 10000 h.u.        


  Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Neve Menahem Neighborhood, Beer-Sheva

    Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Ofakim, Ben-Gurion Neighborhood
  Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Ramot, accelerated building, Beer-Sheva

    Arim Company
Registration And Parcelation plan Arad, Mavo Shaked
  Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Neve Horesh, Dimona

    Arim Company
Registration And Parcelation plan,Ashan Neighborhood (E)
  Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Netivot, Kiryat Menahem

    Israel Land Administration
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Old City, Beer-Sheva
  Survey of Israel
Registration And Parcelation plan ,Sederot, M-3

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