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Company Profile

Professionalism above All
Mahod Ltd. is one of the leading planning companies in Israel. The founders of Mahod, Shmuel Shagal and Yoav Kishoni, bring with them decades of experience in various projects partnered by government offices, national infrastructure companies and local authorities. They lead a team of more than 70 chosen experts, a fact ensuring that the planning and execution of each project would be accomplished at the highest engineering quality and optimal customer cost with maximal attention to the quality of the service. From its headquarters in Beer-Sheva the company greatly assisted development and building of many major sites in the southern region, but it also operates in nationwide scale, backed by its Tel-Aviv branch, under the management of Eli Kluger. The Company holds a 2008 Israeli Quality Certification: ISO 9001.

Areas of Expertise
  1. Roads and Highways
  2. Interchanges
  3. Traffic
  4. Airstrips
  5. Railroads and trams
  6. Urban drainage
  7. Area development
  8. Residential neighborhoods
  9. Industrial zones
  10. Surveying


Company Office - Beltek House, Yehuda Hanachtom 4, Beer Sheva.

Powered by Lavan Group Beltek House, Yehuda Hanachtom 4, Beer Sheva. 972-8-6288060       Illan Ramon Tower , Illan Ramon ST 2 , Mailbox 4138 , Zip code 7414002,Nes Ziona. 972-3-6251188
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